ONE straw bale house

 I am Licia and this is my humble and modest blog:
A house of straw.
I put the emphasis on the undetermined article because there are so many straw houses and they are so different each other. They can be carried out with different techniques and depending on the historical/geographical context can come out a completely unique and extraordinary house.

For these reasons I chose the straw house as a constructive methodology, because it is infinitely customizable, you can make it following your needs and it will come as a dress that you have built on you. If you also have time to put your hands, as me that I had this opportunity, then it will surely come as you want and trust me you’ll be satisfied every time you look at your house.


I do not want, with this blog, convince anyone that straw is the turning point for the future of the Earth, I do not even want to say that the cement is the evil of humanity. I will try to stay as impartial as possible and I’ll just tell my experience the best I can. I must anticipate that not being a technique, but only a passionate of the matter, my story will not go to deepen data numbers from calculations, material cards or other sectoral aspects, I can only talk about what I really know so you must take these Texts as a diary, seen from the eyes of those who had never thought of building a house before, who knew nothing of the subject and that little by little had to make a “knowhow” about it.


I won’t border you with the list of my studies, the only thing I want to highlight is how I met the straw houses and how it came out this project saying just that Permaculture had left a seed in me.